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When you choose Braces N Faces, Dental Clinic for your Invisble Braces or Invisalign, you are choosing experts in clear aligner-therapy who have creatively found solutions over and over again for straightening teeth, Others would not even think of taking on. You are choosing experience. You are choosing innovation. You are choosing creativity. You are choosing customization.


Invisible Clear Aligners Corrects Your Below Orthodontic Problems.

Invisible Braces Or Invisible Aligners is a system of clear, removable aligners that you change every two weeks during the course of your treatment. Each aligner applies low forces to your teeth, gradually moving them into their final, straight position. The journey your teeth will take is plotted out using special software, so that you can see the predicated results before you even begin your treatment.


  • Difficulty biting & chewing food.
  • Challenges with speaking & Pronunciation.
  • Mouth & face pain due to misalignment.


  • Develops headaches, muscle tension due to abnormal stress placed on the jaw.
  • can affect jaw and face development.
  • wearing down of outer layer of the tooth called “enamel”.

Crowded Teeth

  • Make teeth cleaning more of a challenge.
  • Plaque on and between the teeth causing bad breath.
  • Risk of tooth decay, gingivitis, and periodontal disease.


  • open bite interfere with speech and pronunciation.
  • open bite can prevent you from properly biting and chewing food.
  • dental problems including fractured teeth.

Gap / Spacing

  • Create pockets between your teeth and gums.
  • make your gums tender and sore.
  • Gap teeth can lead to gum disease and bone loss.

Mid Line Correction

  • midline misalignment is often the result of a drifting or missing tooth.
  • misalignment of the jaw could lead to more serious dental problems.
  • poor aesthetic appeal.

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